What Men Should Wear on Dates

Picking out the right outfit for a date can be tricky. You don't want to overdress and go too fancy, but you do not want to go too casual either. If it is your first date with someone, you want to make a good first impression.

Depending on where the venue of your date is, matters. Dining at a local restaurant, your attire does not have to be super fancy. Nice jeans and a button up shirt would do. That outfit shows that you care enough to look nice for your date, but aren't trying to hard.

If going somewhere such as a symphony, this is where you need to get fancy. Black slacks and a collared dress shirt will look really nice. I would also recommend a suit jacket to tie everything together. This will show your date that you don't mind dressing up and look forward to spending the night with her.

There are things to avoid when picking out an outfit. If you are going to wear jeans, there better not be any holes! Jeans with holes are fine for painting a house or working on a car, but not for a date. Show respect for your date and throw on some nice jeans. Also, avoid t-shirts. We know you love your Red Sox t-shirt, but it is not appropriate date attire.

Now most of those things I've mentioned are for new or progressing relationships. For more of the long-term couples a t-shirt may be okay if going to the movies or something casual, but it's always nice to show your woman that you still take pride in how you dress when you go out with her.

Women like to feel special. So to make her feel special get dressed up and take her out! Not saying you have to do this every time you go out, but every once in a while, get dressed up and go out for fun.

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-Tiffani L


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