Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Everyone likes certain things in a partner. Someone tall, or someone with blue eyes can be something that we say is on our "list", but we don't really get to know someone if we do not go deeper than the appearance and only go off of what we want and see.

Now of course not everybody is going to change and judging people by their appearance is something that happens with out us thinking sometimes. But what if you were on the other end of someone's critique. It doesn't feel that good when you are the one to be turned down by someone, because by your appearance, you are not what they are looking for.

Letting someone go based on their appearance not only hurts the person you are judging, but it hurts yourself as well. That person could end up being the one or may be a great new friend, you never know. Don't knock it, till you try it!

At Omaha Love, you can see pictures of a person before you select wither or not you'd like to go on a date with someone. We tell our clients to not just look at the picture, because let's be honest pictures just do not do some people justice. Give them a chance, you never know what someone is like until you get to speak with the person and truly figure out who they are.

So this is what we recommend. Do not judge somebody based upon what they look like, get to know them before you reject someone. More than likely you will end making a really good connection either as a friend or a partner. 

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-Tiffani L

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why is a Matchmaking Service Beneficial?

The definition of a matchmaker: one who finds compatibility between two individuals to hopefully result in a long-term relationship or marriage. Now that seems pretty simple. A matchmaking service can be and is very personalized. Think of it as a friend setting you up with one of their friends that you have never met before. Matchmakers just want the best for you and that is what we do at Omaha Love. Some people seem to be very skeptical on getting a matchmaker or signing up for a local dating service. It really isn't as scary as it seems.

Now a days it can seem hard to meet someone just casually by going to a bar or out with friends. It is not as easy as it used to be. Also by joining a service like Omaha Love, you gain exposure to people you probably would have never met before and find a connection with them. We also host events that expose you to other members who are going through the same process and are looking for the same things. Sometimes theses events can be more casual than just going on dates. 

Now being a matchmaker is not always the easiest either, there can be and is a lot of trail and error. Of course we may not be able to find your perfect match on the first date, some people expect that that is going to happen, but lets be real, it's not. It takes a little bit of time to find out what you do and do not like in a significant other. 

Matchmakers will have you write down what you want and what you like, but people with your likes and wants may not be exactly what works for you, shocker I know. When going out with someone your views or your interests can and will change. Now everybody has those must haves or deal breakers and that is normal, but you never know what you're going to compromise, for someone that you like. What matchmakers are looking for is compatibility in the same interests. Not all likes and dislikes have line up perfectly to be a good match. Have you ever heard opposites attract? 

Omaha Love has had many successful relationships and will continue to have them with people who are willing to try something new. Matchmakers are not a scary thing, they are people too, just trying to help you on your journey. 

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-Tiffani L