First Date Conversations

We all can be nervous on a first date and can be at a loss of what to talk about. Some may ramble on about nonsense, where as others can be so nervous that they don't say a word. Both of these scenarios are very avoidable.

First, when talking about a certain topic, such as what do you like to do for fun, ask open ended questions.  Questions like how did you get in to that activity, should continue the conversation and hopefully that will develop into more knowledge of the other person. I mean that's what a first date is all about right?

Another thing to remember is to keep the conversation double-sided. It is sometimes hard for some people to get into a conversation, but try and keep an eye out for this behavior. If your date is sitting there listening and not participating in the conversation, try and get them involved.

On a date you are there to get to know the other person so talking about yourself the whole time may not be very helpful to you. When saying something about yourself, try and end what your saying with a question about them. An example would be: I have two dogs that I really love, but they are always getting into things, how do you feel about animals? That statement first says something about yourself, but then turns it over to the other person to take a hold of the conversation.

If you get one of those people that are very short with their answers and then don't ask a question back, the most you can do is try to keep the conversation going until you find a subject that really gets them talking. If you don't find that magic topic and the other person is not trying to join the conversation, they may not be worth going on another date with.

There are also things that definitely should not be shared on a first date. Unless the other person asks, do not talk about your exes. This can sometimes lead the other person thinking that you are not quite over your ex. Even if the other person does ask, there are still boundaries that you need to uphold. First do not trash that other person, no matter how bad it was. This can sometimes make yourself look bad, depending on what you say. Try and keep it to a minimal.

Another thing people don't like to hear is complaining or whining. If you don't like something or something upsets you, try and explain it in a casual way. An example would be if your order something you don't like, don't make a scene. Say something like oh I tried something new at least! Turn a negative into a positive.

Of course there are other things that you shouldn't mention on a first date, but just think if you don't want to hear about it, don't talk about it.

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-Tiffani L


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