Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

We stick to certain habits we have because its normal and its safe. A lot of people stick to their routine because they are afraid of what might happen if that changes. This can be anything from setting the alarm right before you go to bed, to always ordering chicken fingers at every single restaurant you go to. Switch up your routine! It can be fun to try things in a different order or try new things all together.

Switching it up is great advice for anyone in a long-term relationship and even in a new relationship. Others like to see that you are willing to try new things and branch out from regular activities. It can be exciting when your significant other plans something that you would not have thought of before.

Dating is an out of your comfort zone experience anyway so why not go big and go on or plan a date that you would not normally think of doing. Life is all about experiencing all that you can experience, so put yourself out there and you won't be disappointed.

If you are having trouble with dating and are not quite sure how to put yourself out there, hire a matchmaker. Matchmakers are there to help you find someone and it can never hurt to have a little help every now and then. And again this is a new experience and it may open your eyes to incredible people.

There is excitement in doing something new. It can also seem nerve-racking but once you do it, you may realize that you should have done that a while ago! Branching out and trying new things puts yourself out there. Sure you're not in your safe zone, but you can't stay in that zone forever.

So next time instead of ordering chicken fingers, try ordering something from a different section of the menu, it might open your mind to other things you still need to try.

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-Tiffani L


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