Try new things

Omaha may not seem like the most exciting city to do things in at times, however if you are looking to go on a date, there are some great restaurants and activities you CAN do in this city. If you're looking for activities to do in the area besides grabbing something to eat, things like the zoo, or a nature walk around Chalco Hills may be a great idea. Of course sometimes weather can get in the way of doing the outdoor activities, but seeing a movie or hitting an indoor ice rink may be a great way to kick the bad weather blues. 

The most important thing to remember about doing certain activities, make sure that of course the people on the date have a mutual liking of the activity that you are participating in, other wise it will not be fun for either of you. This also goes with picking certain restaurants, make sure both parties are satisfied with the food venue and atmosphere. 

People in Omaha may think that they have tried all the restaurants before, especially because there seems to be a lot of franchise restaurants in Omaha, however there are  many local restaurants that have a great atmosphere and more importantly, great food. 
Instead of going to the same restaurants every date you have, branch out try something new and it may become a new favorite place. 

Getting out of your comfort zone is something everyone should try every now and then. This also lets other people know that you are willing to try new things and you may end up surprising yourself in how adventurous you can be. 

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-Tiffani L


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