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Omaha Love Explains the “I’m Not Ready for a Relationship” Excuse

Omaha Love clients complain to us every so often, that a match they were really excited about and felt they hit it off with, told them at the close of their date, or even several months in, “I’m just not ready for a relationship.”
Clearly, for singles hiring a Midwest matchmaker for the sole purposes of meeting someone who is ready for the next step, this comment can be extremely frustrating, hurtful and confusing. When this statement is uttered, it can make us appear we are working with a client who isn’t serious about a commitment, a liar, a fake, you name it. Now, this would likely be the case IF you are taking this person’s word at face value. But, it’s not what they really mean.
There is an underlying reason why singles might say this to their date, or boy/girlfriend, and although it’s not the most honest reason, most people are simply not good at rejecting someone or being honest with a complete stranger about how they are really feeling toward them. The simplest conclusion to

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