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How to Mention Omaha Love to Single Friends & Family

As Omaha Love matchmakers, we understand all too well that dating and relationships can be a very vulnerable topic for many. Being single can often times be a source of pain, shame and frustration, so it’s not a surprise that married or attached friends find it difficult to supply the singles in their lives with information that can help them on the journey to finding love. It’s not always an easy topic to approach.
But, if your friends or family know and trust you, they know that your advice is coming from a good place. And don’t most of the singles you know want so badly to know of other options besides online dating, to meet quality people? There are gentle ways you can mention giving a local matchmaking service a shot, and here’s how:
1. When a single friend or family member ask you if you know anyone they can hook you up with, mention Omaha Love, and direct them to our website, or online reviews! You can throw in online dating as an option, but mention that if they are looking for …

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