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How to Calm First Date Nerves

"Will he laugh at my jokes?" "Am I smart enough for her?" "Is she going to be bored talking to me?" "Am I attractive enough for him?"

Are these the kind of questions that run through your head on a first date? You're not alone. First date anxiety is common in women and men alike. Some of the most common date-inducing anxiety comes from us worrying our date won't like us. This person chose to go on a date with you for a reason...maybe she thought you were attractive, maybe he thought the answers to your profile questions were witty and made him laugh. Whatever it may be think positive, and follow these tips for easing your nerves on a first date.

1. Practice makes perfect. Practice striking up conversations in your daily life with people you normally wouldn't. Checking out at the grocery store? Ask the cashier how her days going. Someone holds the door for you at the coffee shop? Look them in the eye, thank them, and wish them a nice da…

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