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How to Develop Your Attraction to the Right Person

We can't take credit for this amazing article, How to Develop Your Attraction to the Right Person, but Psychology Today magazine had such intelligent, incredible insight to share, which took the words right out of our mouths, that we felt it our duty as matchmakers to repost. 

In our industry, this is the most frustrating aspect when trying to do our jobs: clients who judge a profile without actually knowing the person, clients who stick religiously to a "type" never braving the potentials outside the box, or those with relationship history that suggests they are still drawn to negative, toxic or otherwise emotionally unavailable people; which in turn, will not allow them to notice when a good, decent, kind person is in fact, right in front of them.

Without further adieu, below is the dating article of all articles, Psychology Today's May 13th, 2012 article, How to Develop Your Attraction to the Right Person:

We can’t force our sexual attractions. Most of us have le…

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