Omaha Love’s 5 Best Dating Attire for Men

Omaha Love talks constantly about how important first impressions are, and that starts with how you show up to the date, and what you wear. In a competitive dating environment, it’s important to package yourself in a manner that helps you stand out among your competition, and by paying attention to yourself, that will help you go further in finding a local love connection.

Finding the right outfit for a date can be tricky if this is not an area that you’re normally conscious of. Style is a learned trait, but so are many things in life! So, if you want to grow in your own personal development, taking care of your appearance is the first step. Let’s be honest: if you show up sloppy, unhygienic or like you made minimal effort to look good for her, a local love connection is unlikely to occur.

Now, you don't want to overdress and look too fancy, but you also want to put in effort. Omaha dating professionals advise you gentlemen to take the following style advice:

1.  First off, make sure you’re clean-shaven or have no more than a few days of “scruff”. Beards are not typically favored by the ladies, but if you do wear one, keep it trimmed and managed. Nothing is more of a turn off than a wild, unkempt, scraggly, long beard that hides your most important features. Same goes for your hair. Get it trimmed and styled before you meet her. Make sure you’re showered, and spritz on some cologne or body spray. Women will notice, and they all love a nice-smelling man. Lastly, make sure your breath is fresh, and pop a mint just before walking in to meet her.

2.  If you’re meeting your date at a bar or casual restaurant, make sure to take off your hat or sunglasses. Wear slim, nicely-fitted dark or gray jeans - nothing too baggy that doesn’t flatter your body, and especially, nothing ripped, wrinkled or dirty. Now, if you’re attending a symphony or something more fancy, definitely make sure you wear nice slacks in a neutral color (black, gray, navy blue or beige). 

3.  Don’t wear sneakers or running shoes on your date. Wear a nice pair of loafers, chukka boots or even a timeless pair of Converse. As long as they’re clean, your local love connection is on the right track!

4. Omaha Love advises for the top half of your outfit to avoid sports jerseys, logo Ts, work shirts, or any unfitted, baggy, wrinkled, stained or oversized shirts. Instead, opt for a fitted, wrinkle-free collared shirt or button-down. Solid colors are a good bet instead of crazy patterns. A stylish flannel is appropriate also, but jazz it up with a nice blazer. Colors that attract women are blues, greens or even red. Darker colors are the most flattering on all skin tones, rather than pastels or neons. 

5. Finally, men, remember that women like to feel special. Women spend a lot of time getting ready for their date, so make sure you show her that you took the time to wow her as well. 


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