How to Easily Avoid Two of Today’s Worst Dating Trends

In today’s realm of dating, anything can happen. With online dating becoming increasingly popular, some dating trends have soared — and NOT in a good way. 

With dating, particularly online dating, comes many negative aspects. Not only are you glued to your phone screen, aimlessly swiping left and right, but you are also now a part of a world that has minimal amounts of accountability. You may experience people who are terrible at responding to texts and returning calls, or even the people who intentionally only message you late at night. 

None of these people are among the worst, however. Today, three of the worst dating trends are making finding true love increasingly difficult, and even downright frustrating! 

The Worst Dating Trends
“Ghosting” was considered one of the first negative online dating trends among singles. Ghosting, put simply, is when communication goes well, then the person on the other side of the phone simply turns into a ghost, almost as if they are not there at all. This is particularly upsetting when a desire to go on a first date has developed on one side, while the other side has completely lost interest.

Now is time for the worst news: Ghosting has evolved. 

Ghosting has silently evolved into something a little worse : submarining. While this is similar to ghosting, it is more evolved (and a little more dramatic too), because it often occurs after the couple has already had a first date. One side of the connection is hopeful for another date, while the other side, disappears without an exchange of words. 

Worse than submarining is “cushioning”. In fact, it’s probably one of THE WORST current trend. It is absolutely disrupting the dating world, and all the genuine singles who are simply looking for a partner to conquer life with. Cushioning occurs when one (or both) of the people involved, for lack of better words, lines up other dates, just in case the new relationship falls apart. This is among the worst dating trends because it is disrespectful to the new relationship you have cultivated, and shows a lack of focus on the person you are publicly dating. 

The Easy Solution
Unfortunately, these trends are more popular than they deserve to be. Many genuine singles have fallen victim to these trends, as well as others. Fortunately for you, there is one easy solution! Dump the online dating, and work with a matchmaking service! Matchmaking services deplete the possibility of these trends occurring. 

In fact, here at Omaha Love, we are dedicated to finding each Omaha single their true love, without the pain of disappearing dates, unread texts, and unheard voicemails. We personally meet each, and every person, and then hand-pick your dates, based on what YOU want! Our screening process allows us to weed out any individuals who are not serious about finding a life-long partner. In addition, our feedback system allows us to receive feedback from each individual, after every date. If something happens, we know about it, and are able to quickly address it in order to keep it from occurring in the future. Fortunately, at Omaha Love, most of our clients have already tried online dating mediums, going on blind dates, agreeing to being set up, and still have not found the one for them! 

Omaha Love matchmakers are dedicated to providing the best experience for each individual, with the ultimate goal of helping them safely find true love! There is no submarining or mentally lining up alternatives to you. There’s no more swiping, eyes glued to the phone screen, or no-shows. Here, there are matchmakers who are dedicated to getting to know you, finding someone who is good for you, all while making sure it is safe, fun, and successful. 


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