Why Declining A Profile Based on “Attraction” is Keeping You Single

The Omaha Matchmakers at Omaha Love recently shared a Live video on their Facebook page about the topic of attraction. With a combined 40 years of experience as professional matchmakers, our team of Cupids know a thing or two about what makes matchmaking a successful investment. The most important area in which our Omaha-area clients will find themselves happier with their matchmaking experience, is by being more open minded to profiles, and not declining solely based on “attraction”. 

For starters, and this should be obvious: attraction can only be determined in person…on the date…face to face. Real attraction comes from the entire persona - the way the person looks at you, their stories, their passions, their subtle expressions, the way they laugh. All of those characteristics and mannerisms combined is what helps in building mutual attraction and chemistry - not a one-dimensional photograph.

For our clients at Omaha Love, we are in the business of helping them fall in love. Matchmaking therefore needs to be approached differently than something like Tinder, where the habit of swiping left or right based on a one-second representation of someone, will determine the fate of that possible connection. When using a matchmaking service, you are entrusting your matchmaker to know the fine print of each person they are introducing you to, and connecting you based on every factor - not simply what you think your physical “type” is. 

Lastly, most photos are deceiving in one way or another. They are not an accurate representation of the person, and most people look better in real life compared to their picture. So, if you’re wondering why you’re still single and/or are not finding the quality you’re seeking, remember that discerning who a “quality person” is via a single photograph, is unrealistic and doesn’t exist. So, be open! Heed the advice of Omaha’s top matchmaking service and what their team of qualified matchmakers are recommending, and meet everyone within reason. And if you’re going to reject someone’s profile, be sure it’s due to a valid reason, like a deal breaker (smoking, different religion/faith than you, or if they don’t want kids and you do). Those are valid reasons for declining a person - not because you “don’t find them attractive”.  


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