Four Reasons Why You Should Stop Googling Your Dates

Are you guilty of googling or checking out your date on social media before the two of you meet? You're not alone! Research shows that approximately 48% of people research their dates on Google and social media before the first date. We understand why- it helps with nerves, gives you some more photos of your date, and gives you some more background information on their life. 

However, matchmakers here at Omaha Love strongly discourage you from looking into your match online before you meet them in person. Here are four reasons we ask that you avoid typing your dates name into Facebook, google, LinkedIn, or your site of choice before you meet for a drink:

1. You might find false information. A lot of people share the same name, and with the endless information posted online, it can be hard to decipher one John Smith from the other. 

2. People only share snippets of their life online. Does the fact that your match posted a picture of him doing a keg stand in college 10 years ago determine whether he's a good match for you? Of course not, and this can go both ways. You might see someone post a selfie, with great lighting, professionally done hair and makeup, and fall in love...but what will you think of them when they show up to your happy hour date after an 8 hour day in their clothes from work? Or worse yet, when they're sick, wearing sweatpants, and haven't taken the time to shower or brush their hair? Sometimes you see the good, other times you find the bad, but neither should be the sole reason you decide to meet or dismiss a potential match. Past posts and photos only reflect a time in their life- not who they are right now. 

3. Respect people's privacy! There's a reason Omaha Love doesn't share private information like where you work or your last name on our site- we want you to share that information with your dates on your own terms, and finding that out about your date before they're comfortable sharing can feel like an invasion of privacy. 

4. Be engaged in the conversation instead of worrying about hiding things you already know. If you find someone on google or social media beforehand, it's difficult to remember what your date has told you, and what you found online. It's also hard to fake a reaction when your date tells you about an aspect of his life that you already know about. Let's say he got a new puppy, and you want to ask him about it. Do you bring up dogs? Do you admit you Facebook stalked him before your date? Even if you're able to wait until he brings it up, are you going to be able to act surprised? Find out about each other organically, and ask questions you wouldn't discover on Google: What do you do to relax? What's at the top of your bucket list? What's your favorite childhood memory?
Knowing too much about your date can also bring up a weird power dynamic if they were to find out you googled them and they hadn't done the same about you beforehand. It makes things difficult and awkward when you know where they went to brunch with friends last weekend, and they don't know if you even like brunch. 

Your Omaha Love matchmaker can't control whether you choose to check out your date online before you meet, but remember we meet everyone in person, run background checks, and set all of your dates in public places- you're perfectly safe! Leave a little mystery surrounding your match, and see what they're like in person, not online. 


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