Should You Bring Your Partner Home for the Holidays?

Dating in Nebraska around the holidays are a notoriously tough time when you're single, but that doesn't mean it's all sunshine and roses for those in a relationship. With the holidays around the corner, many of you in a new relationship probably have a few questions for our Omaha Love matchmakers: Do you get the guy you've been seeing for a few weeks a Christmas gift? Do you go in for the New Year's Eve midnight kiss with the girl you've been out with a few times? Or, perhaps the most stress inducing question of all, do you spend the holidays together?

Matchmakers at Omaha Love say the answers to the first few questions are easy: skip the Christmas gift unless you've declared boyfriend-girlfriend status, and if you're into her, go in for the midnight kiss (it's good luck ;))! The last question, however, isn't so cut and dry. If you're questioning whether you should spend the upcoming holiday season with your partner,  Omaha Love Matchmaking recommends taking a few things into consideration:

1. Has your partner met your parents yet? If the answer to this question is no, Omaha Love matchmakers advise against the first meeting being during the holidays. Meeting your grandma who keeps asking when the wedding is going to be and your brother who loves to heatedly debate politics, at the same time as your overprotective father will be too much added stress. 

2. Do you see a future with him? If the answer is no, or your unsure, don't bring him home! You don't want to regret introducing him to your family, just to break up a few months later. Or worse...have to cut him out of family holiday photos!

3. Does the thought of spending the holidays without your partner make you sad? If the answer is no, or you're indifferent, hold off and revisit the idea next year. 

How long did you wait before bringing your partner home for the holidays? Did you ever bring someone home, and then later regretted it? We'd love to hear from you! Chat with a Nebraska matchmaker in the comments below. 


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