Don't Let Past Relationship Make You Bitter But Better

Relationships often come and go, which can cause an emotional roller coaster in your life. However, it is important to not let the end of one relationship discourage you to start a new relationship.  A huge part of dating is rejection and self-reflection. Though many people tend to shut down after being rejected, the key is to self-reflect after a relationship has ended or you have been rejected.

Self-reflection does not mean to beat your self down or question what you have done wrong in the relationship or situation. Self- reflection after being rejected is a time to encourage yourself and reflect on the positives that have come from your past relationship or a situation. For example, if in your past relationship you felt that you were honest and a good communicator, then continue to be honest and communicate well in your future relationships. Acknowledge what you did right and what you would change in your relationship moving forward.

During your period of self-reflection there are two things that should happen. First, have a conversation with someone who is not involved in your relationship, talk to your friends, family or someone you trust about your concerns. Secondly, make sure that there is waiting period before you began another relationship, during a period of self-reflection it is key to spend this time focusing on yourself and improving who you are as a person before starting a new relationship.

Now do keep in mind, it is important to address what you lack in a relationship but the key is not to beat yourself up about how you may have influenced the end of the relationship. For example, if you lacked sensitivity or empathy with your significant other, make sure you acknowledge where you failed but don't hold it against yourself or bring that into your future relationship. Instead, make sure that you try to be more sensitive and empathatic in your future relationship.

In life and dating, it is important to not live in the past but to constantly move forward in a positive direction. And not to let past relationships or rejection make you bitter but better. Better in sense, of being confident with who you are as a positive person and what you bring to a new relationship. Moving forward in dating after a failed relationship is essential in order to ensure healthy future relationship and to not bring "baggage" from your past to your new relationships.

"Baggage" is best described as negative feelings or attitudes you carry with you from past experiences into a new relationship. For example, if in your past relationship you were cheated on and your trust was broken, your trust for your significant other is will always be broken based on a past relationship. This ultimately set your new relationship up for failure. It is important in dating to remember to not let past relationships make you BITTER but BETTER!!!

Make sure that after ending a relationship and/or rejection its important to know that the disappointment of your old relationship is just temporary compared to the lifetime of happiness and love that you will find in your new relationship.


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