Social Media & Your Relationship

Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, etc. are all great tools for networking and meeting up with new singles. However, the use of social media outlets outside of being a networking tool can be a huge problem in a romantic relationship. Yes, social media can be used for staying connected with friends, family, and work associates. Yet, when in a romantic relationship, your interactions outside those categories have to be limited. If interactions outside those categories are not limited, then problems can occur in your relationship.

Not monitoring your interaction on social media may cause your significant other to question your loyalty or honesty in your relationship. For example, by having frequent interactions with a particular profile by constantly liking posts and pictures of the profile or sharing a particular profile's content on your own personal page may cause your significant other to believe that you have an interest in the particular person. Not only will this build insecurities between you and your significant other, but can cause trust to be broken in your relationship.

The solution to this problem is not necessarily giving your significant other your password to your social media accounts, but rather opening the line of communication on how social media will be used in your relationship. For example, have a conversation on how frequent you should interact with a person on social media outside of your professional and personal circles. Also, discuss with your partner what type of content is appropriate to be posted on each other's profiles. Most importantly, make sure that there is an open line of communication between the two of you. Encourage one another to be honest about issues or concerns that arise regarding social media use and discuss things that may bother you instead of letting them build up. If you and your partner agree that social media interactions are being used to stay connected with friends, family and work associates, then honor that. This will help prevent problems in your relationship due to social med


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